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It is considered that out of home advertising is any kind of advertising that is exposed or visible from public areas, both fix and mobile.

The functions of out of home advertising can be summarized in:
– INFORMATIVE: Providing useful information about the advertised good/service.
– PERSUASIVE/CUSTOMER ACQUISITION: In this case, the aim of the publicity is persuading or acquiring potential customers so that they prefer the advertised good/service over its competitors.
– SIGNAGE: Another of the out of home advertising functions is directing potential customers’ traffic to the advertiser’s premises.
– BRAND CREATION/CONSOLIDATION: out of home advertising is a powerful tool to create and consolidate branding.
– EDUCATIONAL: Last but not least, especially for public and institutional advertising, the aim is educating and/or raising awareness about a particular matter in the general population.

– It is a 24/7/365 active advertising.
– Out of home advertising campaigns are a powerful complement and reinforcement to campaigns launched in other media.
– It receives a large amount of impacts which minimizes the campaigns “cost per thousand”.
– There exists a great variety of formats that make it easier to adapt to the client’s requirements and needs.
– It can be segmented by areas and easily reach the advertiser’s desired target.

Amongst others, the most common out of home ads are billboards, street furniture, banderols, OPIS/MUPIS, façades and public transport.

The word Mupi is an acronym for the French expression “Mobilier Urbain Pour l’Información” and it is a type of street furniture used for out of home advertising.

This kind of street furniture is usually associated to bus stops or other street furniture and the size of the exposed ad is 120 cm. X 175 cm.

The typology of the ad, its quantity and dimensions depend mainly on the campaign’s target and its budget. Thus, we encourage you to contact us so that one of our sales executives can advise you in the elaboration of your out of home campaign.

Out of home advertising is valid as a main character, a complement or a reinforcement of a mixed media campaign.

In order to maximize return on investment of an out of home advertising campaign it is important to consider the following parameters:

– GREAT IMPACT AND CREATIVITY: In order to make out of home advertising stand out over the rest of the environment, its campaigns usually appeal to original and shocking creativities that attract the spectators’ attention. Our creative studio can help you to achieve this original and shocking creativities.
– CLEARNESS: The ad must me simple and clear. Thus, it is usual to appeal to images, brief and direct texts, with a design that allows a quick understanding of the message.
– LOCATION: The out of home ads’ location is the parameter that will define the target spectator the campaign is aiming for. Thus, it is essential to consider the ads’ locations of our campaign.
– ADVICE: It is essential to rely on a professional that helps us in the design of out of home advertising campaigns. At MALLA, we can offer you a professional team in order to help you design your campaign and achieve your goals.

OOH is the acronym for “Out Of Home” which is the Anglo-Saxon name for outdoor advertising.

DOOH is the acronym for “Digital Out Of Home” which is the Anglo-Saxon name for digital outdoor advertising.

Apart from out of home advertising, MALLA also offers other goods and services related to advertising such as:

– Construction enclosures either with or without decoration
– Sale and assembly of billboards for real estate developments
– Canvas for real estate developments
– Advertising poles and banderols
– Indoor and outdoor signage
– Vinyl decorations of commercial premises and construction booths
– Custom business signs
– Labeling of commercial vehicles

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