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Outdoor advertising or OOH (“Out Of Home”) is already part of the environment for the urban population, it is on the street. And unlike other media, it is able to reach a large mass of people quickly, consistently and inescapably. It is a way to bring your brand closer to the consumer. Whether to advertise your brand, product promotion, launchings or signage supports.

We will analyse your type of business and target audience. From there we will make a budget, without any commitment, with the appropriate “media mix”. That is, a personalized communication plan that can be understood by outdoor advertising, radio, TV, press …
We also have a creative studio to make all kinds of designs and logos. We also offer you our printing service of all types of brochures, labels, business cards, etc.

Depending on the type of business you have, we will select our best support for the objective you want to achieve, taking into account your audience and location.

It is the optimal number of billboards to give return on the investment and provide full coverage in the chosen field. They can be hired by categories according to the area and sizes. In short periods of time paper posters are used, and in longer periods the canvas type. Check with our commercials the different circuit options we have available.

As a customer, you can directly select the media in the places that interest you. And normally, being for a long period of time depending on its durability, canvas or vinyl is used. Thus, if at any time you want to change to another area of ​​the same category, you only have to pay the cost of the transfer.

They are elements located around the city in the public domain that provide a service to the citizen, and at the same time, some of them serve as an advertising support. As are the mupis, the columns, the clocks / thermometer, kiosks or bus stops.

Acronyms in English and French are “Optical Point of Promotion and Information” and “Mobilier Urbain pour la Promotion et l’Information” respectively. They are the advertising media par excellence, the difference between the two is that Opi is simply an urban support for advertising that does not perform any service for the citizen other than the informative one. However, Mupi refers to urban furniture with advertising exploitation.

Of course. We can manage advertising in all national and international media from the islands. Whether it is outdoor advertising, press, magazine, etc.

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