Another services

Building site enclosures and railings


1.-Rental of galvanised sheet enclosure fencing, with panels joined by “H”-type posts for fastening. Assembly, maintenance and disassembly on expiry included.

2.- Rental, sale and assembly of mobile board with frame, horizontal and vertical wires, galvanised finish for assembly on reinforced concrete base.

3.- Sale and assembly of wire mesh fencing, galvanised and plastic-coated in green, different heights, made up of round tube posts and mesh, reinforcement wires and tensors, with possibility of barbed wire on top.

4.- Sale and assembly of green or white Classic fencing panels, square tube frame, with welded wire mesh, including posts and clamps for assembly.

5.- Sale and assembly of green or white Fax fencing panels, with welded wire mesh with horizontal reinforcing folds, including round tube posts with longitudinal rack for fastening supports.

6.- Enclosure of civil works

Rental and sales booth decoration

casetasRental, erection and dismantling (including crane) of worksite with all facilities: vinylation, luminous sign installation, flooring, condition the soil.

Sale billboards, all formats

venta-vallaBoards formed of galvanised sheet panels measuring 3 x 0.80 metres with which we can make up any size of billboards. Includes angles bars, clamps with bridle and plastic frames fastened to H model base beam (Depending on billboard format).

Tarps of all sizes information

lonasSale and installation of large tarps for any business.

Vehicle Labeling

rotulacionLabeled all types and sizes of vehicles.



Let Design and assist you in installing the sign of your business. We have a wide variety:

– Labels milled backlit.

- Labels milled stainless steel.

- Labels Model “T” with ILUMINARIA.

- Labels Model T illuminated by spotlight.

- Labels models fisheye.


señaleticaWe design, produce and install all types of media indicative.