General Advertising

publicidad-generalFor a successful advertising campaign requires a good planning of resources. The following resources give us the opportunity to reach our target audience and a direct return on its advertising investment.


-PRESS: local, national and international listings of all types: classified, general, special actions, inserts …

-Mailing: His home in their advertising potential customers quickly and at low cost.

DIRECT-MAIL OR MAILING: Address the customer by mail and explaining the benefits of your product.

-RADIO: Choose from all local and national broadcasters. Greater flexibility in schedules and prices. An environment that never fails in any advertising campaign.

-TV: The most spectacular and prestigious in its power: spots, sponsorships and special activities at the national chains, regional (IB3 and the rest of autonomy) and local (Channel 4, TV Nova, Televisió de Mallorca …)

-INTERNET AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES: The website is continually evolving half. Allows a high level of segmentation and control their impact.

-Magazine: There is always a trade magazine targeted specifically to potential customers: nautical, luxurious decor, fashion, travel, airlines, lifestyle …